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I want to buy a digital underwater Camera, which will work for … underwater shoots & daylight shoots and night shoots, I’m NOT talking about professionals cameras, just regular ones for users. ;)

Hell0, does anyone know a cheap underwater/over water :S camera? Like its a normal camera that can go underwater, i want a cheap one like. 100-200 range pleasE? good company

I have read lots of answers to old posts, then I realized not many are very recent. My husband and I are going on our honeymoon in July to Belize. We are still narrowing down where to stay and where to dive. Any suggestions? With that, we want to take some awesome photos.
We are looking to spend $200-$400 on a camera that can take quality pictures as low as 120-140 feet without leaking. Also, I have read that quick shutter speed and being able to change from video (with sound) to pictures underwater is a nice feature. We want one that is easy to use and quite durable as well. We plan to do some snorkeling too, so would need one that takes decent pictures in shallow water as well.

I know that it is a lot of specifics, but please let me know if you have any suggestions.

heya, im after an underwater camera.

I was looking at the olympus 850sw or 1050sw.

anyone have any advice?


is this really true?

ok so i need help! i need to find a good waterproof /underwater digital camera. for under $200.00
let me know if you purchased one and you just cant live with out it… any tips will be great

Where can I buy a cheap one just for a single use that takes decent pictures?
I live in Canada by the way ! Names of the cameras would help: )

I probably won’t get a big expensive one, probably a little digital camera and get a housing for it. I will use it scuba diving. I would like one that can have a fisheye and other lenses attached.
by expensive i mean anything over $1000.. i would be happy to spend $500

Do you know of any good, durable and not too expensive underwater/waterproof digital cameras that can actually be submerged in the water to take pictures?

Or if I bought a waterproof covering for my current camera would I be able to submerge it into the water? I have an HP R717 digital camera.


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