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I was thinking of getting a Vivitar 8.1MP Underwater Digital Camera, but I was wondering does it work out of the water, since summer is coming to an end I won’t be in my pool, or beach anymore. So i wanted to know if I could use it when I’m not going to be in the water, when I’m going to be inside or something. Is it a good camera? Thanks

I have a Canon Powershot SX10 IS, and I was wondering if there are underwater cases available for this camera?


just on average. Is it even possible for them to shoot above water? Do you have one? Me and my friends like making movies and our camera right now really sucks. Plus a series we’ll be starting involves underwater so we need under water footage. But we don’t wanna end up buying 2 separate video cameras if we don’t have to. So that’s why I asked this question.

i am looking for a cheap waterproof/underwater camera i would like to know:
how far under it can go?
the cost?
the megapixel?
thank you

i have $5000 towards an underwater video camera what is a good make?

Canon PowerShot D20 Digital Camera or

I want to use it mostly for 10 meter dives
And just want the best hold and click photos – no messing around with menu changes etc

I’m looking to buy an underwater camera for a snorkeling trip in the Bahamas, and I’m debating between a disposable or digital camera. Any thoughts?

hey everybody i have a few questions so:

1. do anyone know where i can buy an underwater camera that isn’t like the one was cases but the camera itself takes pixs on land and underwater and that the style doesn’t look dorky also it would help me alot if the price range was 300 and under.

2. i would also like to buy a camcorder and it doesn’t have to be for underwater but if it is then great, i would like the camcorder to fit in my hands( im about 5′ 2″) and it would be great if the price was 500 or cheaper

3. i was thinking of getting an ipod now that i actually have a use for it so if anyone can tell me what a suitable price for one it would be great

p.s. amd for all three of these i would like to buy it at a store not online so if you could please tell me the store’s location and website :)

I’m looking to take my kodak playsport zx5 for snorkeling. I’m not a good swimmer so was wondering if anyone can suggest a way I can use this camera handsfree i.e. not having to hold in one hand for filming?


can you give me a range from least to greatest of how much it is? and how much do the waterproof cases for camera’s cost? just a range(:

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