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im 14 and i cant decide what camera to get and how do care for the underwater ones i have a cannon rebel t1i but i really want to do some underwater photography

maybe this one or the one that only goes 10 feet

or this one the canon d10.what do you recommend

Im13 now and my b day is soon. ppl are coming over and we r going to be swimming most of the time I want an underwater camera that is $60 or under. And I HATE batteries… I’m not professional or anything I just wanna take under water pics of me and my friends! And it can not be disposible! And I want a cute, colorful camera, no red.
Well I like the svp 5500 only I heard that the batterie life is horrible and I dont want batteries

Follow my blog at Wanted to share the various types of underwater camera housings I own and what I think of them along with some sam…

Produced in 2009 with a Panasonic HVX200 and an underwater housing (and a drysuit!). Find more current samples at

Hell0, does anyone know a cheap underwater/over water :S camera? Like its a normal camera that can go underwater, i want a cheap one like. 100-200 range pleasE? good company

The 14MP SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera is depth rated to 200ft/60m and features Super Macro Auto Focus down to 1-inch, a built-in wide angle lens, an onsc…

Outex underwater camera cases can accommodate any configuration with your camera gear so you can shoot in water, wind, rain, mud, sand, snow and paint. This …

I have read lots of answers to old posts, then I realized not many are very recent. My husband and I are going on our honeymoon in July to Belize. We are still narrowing down where to stay and where to dive. Any suggestions? With that, we want to take some awesome photos.
We are looking to spend $200-$400 on a camera that can take quality pictures as low as 120-140 feet without leaking. Also, I have read that quick shutter speed and being able to change from video (with sound) to pictures underwater is a nice feature. We want one that is easy to use and quite durable as well. We plan to do some snorkeling too, so would need one that takes decent pictures in shallow water as well.

I know that it is a lot of specifics, but please let me know if you have any suggestions.

As the title says, testing my Sony Xperia Z Underwater :D .

I was filming different stuff but guys who were assisting me caught a trout so I got these shots. Enjoy. The second trout is here –…

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