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I want to buy a digital underwater Camera, which will work for … underwater shoots & daylight shoots and night shoots, I’m NOT talking about professionals cameras, just regular ones for users. ;)

ok so i need help! i need to find a good waterproof /underwater digital camera. for under $200.00
let me know if you purchased one and you just cant live with out it… any tips will be great

Hi there,

well I’m looking for a digital underwater camera that isn’t too expensive but it’s a crappy cheap one either.

If anyone can please suggest to me some cameras that could be great thanksss :)
I don’t have a camera already so please don’t suggest to me a housing. Thanks anyway :)

Does anyone know why an underwater camera (eg Olympus Tough) can be used underwater for only one hour? Is it because it will get too cold after that or something? In which case, doesn’t the temperature of the water make a difference?
Camera Guy – it’s an Olympus Tough 3000 …

deep blue2 – thanks a million, so it’s the seals … wanted to give you a thumbs up or something but it seems i’m not allowed (first time i’ve used this system)

I have decided to do more scuba diving & love photography on an amateur basis. I have a digital for family pics. I would like to take nice pics underwater. But the disposables are limited in their capabilities. I am just a family picture taker & I do not want to spend too much. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I see you are not aware that an open water scuba diver goes 100-150 feet under the water.
10 feet of water is for swimming, no scuba diving. Thanks for the efforts though

I’m taking scuba lessons and I’m wondering can I use my digital camera and just buy a “house” for it or must I buy an underwater camera and a house?

I am planning to get the best and affordable underwater camera, I’ve been reading lots of forums online but still can’t find the best answer. I am torn amongst: Sony cyber shot tx10, Nikon cool pix aw100, Olympus tough tg 320 and Speedo 9mp aqua shot camera. Please help! thank you

I would like to get a waterproof camera that takes the picture quickly after pressing the button (Don’t know what that feature is called)
Most importantly I’d like it to be under £100
Thank you for your help :)

i’m looking for something that is pretty cheap in price.. but good in quality. I’m going to Hawaii soon and wish to take LOTS of underwater pictures.. i have a Canon Rebel XSI but im not really comfortable with taking it underwater. Any ideas?
I was thinking of getting the Ex-G1 by casio..

I saw it once and it was really thin and really really nice, i dont want one of the big underwater ones

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