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I was thinking of getting a Vivitar 8.1MP Underwater Digital Camera, but I was wondering does it work out of the water, since summer is coming to an end I won’t be in my pool, or beach anymore. So i wanted to know if I could use it when I’m not going to be in the water, when I’m going to be inside or something. Is it a good camera? Thanks

I’m looking to buy an underwater camera for a snorkeling trip in the Bahamas, and I’m debating between a disposable or digital camera. Any thoughts?

I’m going to Floridia soon and I’m looking for a cheaper digital camera. Nothing fancy jus one that is RELIABLE and takes VIEWABLE and DECENT pictures. Sorry just want to get across I’m looking for something that wont fail, just really need it for a week or two. I’m looking to keep it under 120. I looked at dispoSeable but am afraid that they may not work or without a display screen that the pic may not be right. PleSe help and sorry for bad typing, on a phone lol. Thank you all very much!!
There are cheap underwater cameras, i have seen some for about 100, but i am wondering if anyone has used these? also i found this, “Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask” and was wondering if anyone had used this? I am simple looking for something low tech, low price, that will take ok pictures under water, only about 4-15 feet down and in saltwater.

I am looking for a less expensive but still quality underwater digital camera. I’ve been saying “the best of the cheapest” because I’m on a bit of a budget. I have a Nikon SLR right now and I understand that the picture quality won’t be equivalent but I would like to at least get some good non blurry pictures from my trip. I plan on using it for snorkeling mostly and I wouldn’t mind giving up a video camera feature for a better picture quality.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d love to hear from some people who own such camera’s and their experiences. I’m not sure what to look for in an underwater digital, I do not even have a preferred brand yet so even if your camera suggestion is expensive I would love to know what you think of the brands.
Thanks for your time!

Last year I had a Pentax Optio underwater digital camera. (I forget which model.) The picture quality was decent. (although far from what I expected.) And I loved having a camera that I could take out into the water!

Unfortunately, I stayed out a little too long (45 minutes instead of the recommended 30) and it became waterlogged and ruined.

I would like to get a new camera soon. Preferably around $200 but I could probably go up to 300 if the quality is high enough and it has a good warranty. … Do any camera experts have good recommendations?
Thanks for the comments so far. Here’s a little more info on exactly what I need:

I almost always have my 5 yr old with me, so there is little chance of the camera ever going more than 5-10 feet deep in the water.

I love taking pictures of stuff in the distance. (a turtle’s head poking above the water, someone on a boat, kids playing on the beach, etc…) Many waterproof cameras don’t really have the zoom I am looking for.

So..I’m really wanting to get one..not too worried about prices..just good still and video quality. Good underwater quality too. Preferably one that’s not gonna leak easily. and I can take pictures in a pool or lake. Here’s my top 4.

1- Nikon AW100
2-Canon Powershot D10
3-Kodak EasyShare Sport C23´
4-Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3

What do you think?

It’s an olympis underwater digital camera and the lense fogged up

Where can I buy a reasonably priced underwater digital camera? I am looking for one ready to go not that i have to spend ages with making sure the housing is watertight etc. I don’t really want a disposable.
I can’t afford the £100-£150 ones i keep finding.

Im absolutly in love with the vivitar 8.1 mp underwater digital camera.
Which you can view here:

But just one problem. You have to put your own double A batteries it. I hate that. I want a camera exacally the vivitar. Around the same price and such. But… i want it to have a rechargable internal battery.

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