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Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo demonstrates ways to use a GoPro camera to catch the underseas action.

Fly fishing salmon underwater in Iceland – Jökla, Húseyjarkvísl.

My friends & I were swimming and my friend Kara brought her underwater camera.

Watershot, Inc. uses SOLIDWORKS design and analysis tools to develop water-tight underwater enclosures for cameras used by professional photographers and cin…

A how to video of a crazy concept I had of making a camera housing that allows you to operate the camera while you are underwater. I’ve done several tests an…

The First fish are the striped ones those are Zebra Danios the GloFish before they were altered The four I have are named after demons because in acient chin…

Slamon fishing in Drowes Slamon Fishery Ireland –

Checkem out at More Videos using the camera coming soon.

SeaLife DC1400 Underwater Camera.

I was thinking of getting a Vivitar 8.1MP Underwater Digital Camera, but I was wondering does it work out of the water, since summer is coming to an end I won’t be in my pool, or beach anymore. So i wanted to know if I could use it when I’m not going to be in the water, when I’m going to be inside or something. Is it a good camera? Thanks

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